Anna Toegel

I have had a passion for drawing, painting, sculpting and creating whatever I can for as long as I can remember.  I was lucky enough to attend Hamline University where I studied art, focusing in Intaglio printmaking, and practicing every way to express myself visually.  Since graduating in 2012 I have primarily practiced two media- watercolor painting and sewing.  

In 2014 I began painting celestial images.  When I was young the whole idea of space frightened me.  I remember lying on my back in my backyard staring up at the stars and being suddenly filled with terror.  The night sky is so absolutely big; I felt like I could be swallowed up or fall into it and encounter unknown places or beings.  This immense fear lead me to want to learn about space, which in turn made me fall in love. 

Now when I look at pictures of the furthest places humanity has ever seen it gives me hope for our planet.  Seeing that we are so small in the universe gives me the perspective that we are lucky to have our own blue and green marble to live on.  My goal with my series of celestial landscapes is to pass that feeling on to as many people as possible.

Mary Hermanson

Kaleidoscope Designs - Making Magic with Fabric

“Masterful use of material and design”

Denny Vance, Juror for Confluence of Art Biennial

Making Fiber Art using Kaleidoscopic designs brings all of the elements of my career as an art educator and my passion for quilting and sewing together.  My goal is to use the elements and principles of design, combined with the symmetry of kaleidoscopic design and techniques and materials of traditional quilting to create complex and exciting visual images. My art comes alive through the use of a fabric palette to create new and exciting images.  These images reflect my love for bright colors and my appreciation for all the beautiful fabrics that enhance my palette.  My talent to sew and my attention for details make these fiber art pieces truly an expression of my art ability and my passion for the fine arts.   As I work with various pieces of fabric, new combinations and contrasts appear and this leads me to other colors and combinations that I had not anticipated.  As a result, my compositions are ever-evolving as I work with as many as 200 to 400 pieces of fabric to achieve the final piece of art. Each time I begin to create a kaleidoscopic design, there are elements of surprise, change, and chance as to where the fabric will lead me to accomplish the desired visual image.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, UW-Stout; master’s degree in Professional Development, UW-La Crosse.  I taught a total of 40 years as an art educator in Colorado, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  Now I enjoy retirement, living and working in the hills south of Eleva, WI with husband Bill, a musician.

Shows: Valley Art Association Art Faire, Annual Spring Art Show and Valley Art Association Show at the Heyde Center for the Arts, Chippewa Falls, WI; Ashley for the Arts, Arcadia, Wi; Holiday art Faire, Fabulous Floral and Fine Art and the Confluence of Art Biennial at the Janet Carson Gallery; Arts West37 & 38, LE Philips Library, Eau Claire, Wi and the Banbury Art Crawl, Eau Claire, Wi.

Awards:  Honorable Mention, Annual Spring Art Show; “Guest of Honor” cash award, Ashley for the Arts, Best Floral Interpretation, Fabulous Floral and Fine Art , First Place at the Confluence of Art Biennial and Honorable Mention, ArtsWest 38.


Lisa Stauffer

Artist’s Statement

I am fascinated by the interplay of light and color that I see in the beauty surrounding me and I work to capture the mood of those special moments in my paintings.  I choose to paint with soft pastel for the incredible richness and intensity of the color possibilities and textures I can create with them.  I am primarily an outdoor painter and pastel’s direct application allows for the immediacy demanded in plein air work.  I often use a watercolor underpainting as a setup for the pastel layers in my work, which adds the interplay of transparent and opaque mediums to the visual quality of the final piece.  I can be found painting all around town and far beyond.


Lisa Stauffer received her Master’s in Design (University Of Minnesota, Minneapolis) and studied Illustration at Parson’s School of Design (NYC).  She continues her education by taking workshops from nationally recognized painters whose work inspires her.  She has worked and taught in a wide variety of media, now primarily painting in soft pastel with a special focus on painting en plein air to indulge her fascination with light and color in Minnesota’s beautiful north shore landscape.  Lisa was just awarded Master Circle status by the International Association Of Pastel Societies in 2011. She was awarded the H.K. Holbein Award at the Pastel Society Of America Show at the National Arts Club in New York City, September 2010 and the Pastel Painters Of Cape Cod Award in 2012. Each of these years her painting was one of those chosen by the Director of the Butler Institute Of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, to travel to the exhibit American Pastels in the museum Dec-Jan. Lisa was juried into the Pastel Society Of America and awarded Signature status in 2012.


Tom Gavitt

My only credentials are that I can see, and that I can paint. I have worked in many mediums in two dimensions, and in stone and wood , in the round.
I am self-taught in all my mediums, but could not have done any of this without drawing on the spirit of those who came before. I suppose, if I had to pick a hero, it would be Edward Hopper, though I don't think we would have gotten along. But seeing a Hopper retrospective will fuel my engine for quite a while.

I remember, thirty years ago, on a drizzly, foggy day, sitting on the wet ground three miles outside Arles,painting Van Gogh's wooden drawbridge. If that won't motivate an artist, nothing will.

Sandra Borgen

Through the eye of a lens, Sandra truly captures the deeper meaning of nature.  With the though provoking use of symbolism one is able to see the simplest things in a new light.  Through a focus of water and birds, she can show how nature can reflect our journey through life. As a self taught photographer, she uses experimentation in developing her personal style.  

The work of Jim Brandenburg, Nadine and Craig Blacklock, impressionism, and early american photographers are all inspirations.  During the past 15 years as a Red Wing Resident, Red Wing and the North Shore have been the focus of Sandra's work.