Are you interested in displaying at Depot Gallery?

Artists are invited to submit proposals for gallery shows. Please include suggested dates, medium, theme and representative photos and email to

Please keep in mind that we have finalized the 2016 schedule and are looking at ideas for 2017.

Here's how to contact artists directly

If you like a specific artist, you can follow the link below to their website.

Lori Horsic

Bob Jacobson

Joni Jurek

Art Kenyon

Pamela Kirton

Dan and Barb Lager

Heather Lawrenz

Dennis Newton

B-J Mushet-Norman

Susan Palmer

Rikki Patton

Sandra Plehal

Tina Schowalter

Mary Singer

Lisa Stauffer

Don Stewart

Dan Wiemer

Susan Wipf

Corrine Young

Chappy Achen

Judith M Anderson

Heidi Bacon

JoAnn Bateson

Gale Berndt

Robert Hodges-Bonawitz

Sandy Borgen

Betsy Bowen

Lynn Brown

Raalen Brown

Karen Caldwell

Ena Cisewski

MaryAnn Cleary

Michele Combs

Nancy Ellison

Dawn Zero Erickson

         Bob Firth

Chuck Goranowski

CeCeile Hartleib

Bruce and Julie Hecksel

Hannah C. Heyer