Fall Festival Award Winners


Marc Lamm

Best in Show

I started making furniture in 1973. In 1996, I developed new techniques which are the foundation of my art. I have pieces in offices, hospitals and homes around the country including the Mayo Clinic. I work with wood like a painter works with oils, creating images of lines, shape and color.  I carve these 'paintings' to create wall sculptures with 2 and 3 dimension images which enhance each other.


Faye Fisher - Ward

Merit Award

As a former theatrical designer, painter, graphic artist & illustrator, Faye has worked in many mediums and finds leather to be an ongoing interesting adventure. She has always been influenced by the art of ancient cultures and is inspired to constantly experiment with the possibilities leather can offer. She considers her bags works of art that serve a function. Her bags are made from a combination of soft & bridal leathers that are sometimes textured by pin tucking & she hand carves(tools) every medallion on her bags, which have become her signature embellishment.



Steve Wewerka

Merit Award

The colorful cultures of the people and the natural beauty of Northern New Mexico inspired Steve from an early age to pursue photography as a career. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art Photography, he worked for a number of newspapers and periodicals. At the same time he launched a successful career as a freelance photographer and has since worked for many companies as well as national and international foundations covering a wide variety of issues.